1. NOTICE: If you are using Fabrik and update to Joomla 3.10, you will need to update to Fabrik 3.10. And, if you are using Fabrik, do not upgrade to Joomla 4, we do not have a supported version ready for release. More information on a release date coming soon. Also, please note that Fabrik 3.10 will not install on any Joomla sites less than 3.8.
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Fabrik 4 / Joomla 4 plans

Discussion in 'Important Announcements' started by mediaateam, Jan 5, 2021.

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    Hello all,

    As we get closer to Joomla 4 reaching the end of Beta, we have been getting more questions about Fabrik 4 for J4. So, we wanted to give you an update here.

    Back in the third quarter of 2019 to the first quarter of 2020, we had a part time developer working with us on the Fabrik 4 branch against the Alphas. Each release caused lots of breaks, so in Feb of 2020 we decided to pause the development until the J4 dev reached more stable versions in Beta. Now, J4 did go into Betas last year, but as well all know, the pandemic lockdowns started in March of 2020 and so that shifted our work around and we opted to wait til the betas looked like they were getting closer to a release candidate. Also, Joomla 3.10 was introduced and quite honestly is a more pressing concern for us right now. So, our goals this first quarter will be to start testing Fabrik 3 against J3.10, and then to migrate our Fabrik 3 updates and changes in to the working Fabrik 4 branch and pick that work back up against the J4 beta with the same part time dev that was working on it before with us.

    If you are someone that would like to help with the Fabrik 3 to Joomla 3.10 beta testing, please by all means do try installing and playing around with it. Let us know if you find any issues so we can add them to the punch list.

    If you are a dev with strong coding skills and knowledgable in Joomla and Fabrik, please DM me if you are looking for contract work.

    Here's to a great 2021!


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